Test Automation - seleniumSelenium WebDriver

Test Automation Tools sessions form a significant part of our LIVE Test Automation Training in the software testing career path. Test Automation sessions primarily focuses on Selenium WebDriver.

The first 4 sessions focus on the fundamentals of Selenium WebDriver - a very widely used open source functional test automation tool for testing web-based applications. Learn the fundamentals of Java, XPATH and Selenium WebDriver overview and Selenium features from test automation project essentials perspective.

Subsequent 3 sessions emphasises on running 3 Selenium projects from Test Automation Framework standpoint (Hybrid Test Automation Framework, Page Objects Model / Page Factory design pattern based Test Automation Framework and the third Test Automation framework caters for Cucumber BDD). Cucumber BDD is a popular test automation tool that aligns to Agile BDD Process that runs automated acceptance tests written in a Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) Gherkin style.

We will walk you through the process of transforming numerous manual test cases into Selenium WebDriver Test Automation scripts – from a hands-on and test automation project perspective.

You could showcase the Selenium WebDriver test automation tool as great asset on your CV! As a Test Automation Analyst, you would automate testing the functionality of web applications.

Selenium WebDriver Foundation Sessions Outline:

  • Test Automation Overview
  • Test Automation Tools – Insight into Industry
  • Test Automation – Example
  • JAVA Foundations
  • Selenium WebDriver Overview
  • Automate a Test Case
  • Locate webelements & locator Strategies
  • XPath & Types of XPaths
  • Developing XPaths
  • Testing XPATH
  • Exception Handling
  • Testing Framework – JUnit: Annotations, Assertions
  • Selenium WebDriver Features: Browser Compatibility, Waits: Implicit, Explicit, Handling Dynamic objects
  • Testing Framework – TestNG: Annotations, Assertions
  • TestNG Features: Data Provider, Test Priority
  • TestNG XML / Test Suite
  • Selenium WebDriver Features
  • Java Reflection API
  • Java Properties
  • Read-Write Excel File (Apache POI)
  • TestNG DataProvider using Excel utilities
  • Build Tools: Ant, Maven
  • Selenium Project Examples
  • Automate Test Cases
  • Reporting: Extent Reports
  • Logs: Log4J

Selenium WebDriver (Hybrid & PageObjects Model / PageFactory) and Cucumber BDD Test Automation Framework Sessions Outline:

  • Test Automation Framework
  • Test Automation Lifecycle
  • Framework Strategies
  • Test Automation Lead’s activities
  • Test Automation Environment Setup
  • Design Test Automation Framework (Hybrid Framework)
  • Test Automation Engineer’s activities
  • Test Definition Layer: align manual tests to keywords
  • Test Generation Layer: test automation script, locators
  • Test Execution Layer: run test scripts, review test results / reports
  • Page Object Model
  • Page Object Model Framework
  • Test Automation Lead / Engineer’s activities
  • Test Automation Environment Setup
  • Components of POM Framework:
  • Test Definition Layer
  • Test Generation Layer: Pages & Tests
  • Test Execution Layer
  • Translate Manual Tests -> Test Automation Scripts
  • Run Test Scripts: Maven / TestNG
  • Review Logs (Log4J) / Test Results (ReportNG)
  • Agile BDD
  • Agile BDD (vs. Scrum)
  • Cucumber Overview
  • Cucumber Automation Framework
  • Components of Cucumber framework:
  • Configuration of: Cucumber / Selenium / JUnit
  • Cukes Layer-1: Feature File
  • Cukes Layer-2: Glue (Steps Definition)
  • Cukes Layer-3: Keywords Java File
  • Properties: Develop XPATHs & Configuration files
  • Translate BDD Scenarios -> Test Automation Scripts
  • Run Test Automation Scripts
  • Cucumber Report