SQL for Test Engineers

SQL for Test Engineers' sessions forms a substantial part of our Test Automation Training in the Software Testing Career Path.

Once you gain a better understanding of the fundamentals of Databases and SQL langauage, we shall take it forward to learn creation of Test Data by employing SQL Statements.
Subsequently we will take you through the process of creating and managing Test Data from a hands-on perspective with numerous Testing Project examples.

You could confidently add MySQL and SQL to your skills set and of course to your CV.

SQL for Test Engineers Session Outline:

  • Database & SQL Overview
  • SQL Programming (DML, DDL, DCL, TCL)
  • SQL Demo using testing project examples
  • SQL for Test Engineers
  • SQL demo using MySQL Database
  • Toad (Database client)
  • SQL basics from Testing view-point
  • Join statements for relevant testing conditions
  • CRUD Operations and Constraints (Not Null, Unique, Primary key, Foreign Key) and demo from testing project perspective
  • Delete Tables using Joins (On delete cascade)