Software Testing Courses Online - FAQs & Policies

Software Testing Courses Online - FAQs & Policies


Do I get a refund for the fee paid?
No – We strictly follow zero refund policy – once you have gained access to our Tester’s portal and/or Google documentation for projects, we do NOT issue a refund. Since we need at least half a day to setup the projects for you and also because our training materials, project dashboard, etc., are proprietary.

No – When students or trainees are rude, disrespectful and show offensive behaviour, including derogatory remarks and disruptive acts amounting to verbal and emotional abuse. Also when students show aggressive and violent behaviour and make threats of physical violence. We shall also have the rights to remove the students access to all our training material and learning Portal.

Yes – If you have joined and changed your mind and Only if we have NOT given you access to Tester’s Portal OR Google Docs yet.


How do I find the right professional testing course for me?
We provide the following Software Testing Courses Online – Software Tester Course also known as Software Testing Internship Training, Java for Automation Tester Course and Test Automation Training. Find the features and comparison of Software Testing Training Courses offered below.

Do you have a Syllabus for Online Testing Courses?
Yes. Please check out our course overview and detailed curriculum on the respective courses. Click the testing courses listed below.

Do you provide Testing Training Material?
Yes. We do provide Testing Training Material and comprehensive project Test Artefacts produced for manual testing and automation testing. Training Material, Project documents and Project code are shared as part of our Software Testing Courses Online.

Automation Tester Course



What are the key differences between MENTORSHIP & LIVE COURSES?

FORMAT Recorded videos.
Ongoing mentoring through course completion plus some additional buffer time for project completion.
LIVE sessions / Interaction using Zoom.
No mentoring / hand holding.
TIMESCALE 1 Month for Java for Automation Testing Course,
2 Months for Automation Tester Courses,
6 Months or 3 Months for Software Tester Course
3 Weeks course for Automation.
8 Weeks for Software Tester Course
HOURS Self paced and flexible hours for Automation Tester Courses.
Software Tester Courses – 15 hours/week
Based on LIVE classes scheduled – 2 hours for Automation (Weekdays)
2.5 hours for Software Tester Course (Weekends)
SUPPORT Support provided – queries answered and issues resolved
(refer individual course guidelines)
Support provided via WhatsApp group through LIVE course completion
Opportunity to work on an end-to-end project
besides technical interview challenges (Automation).
5 Projects for Software Tester Course – 6 Months.
2 Projects for Software Tester Course – 3 Months
1 technical interview project (Automation)
1 mini-project for Software Tester Course
For Membership – click here For LIVE – click here


How do I join the Software Testing Courses Online?
  • Register for a Training Course
  • What happens next after joining Software Testing Courses Online?

    • We will activate your account and setup Testing Projects for you
    • You will get access to Tester’s Portal – where you would watch and learn from manual testing and automation testing sessions.
    • You will get access to Google Drive Documents – where you would work on Testing Projects


    What is Testers Portal?
    Testers Portal is protected content for our trainees / students. You shall get lifetime premium access to recorded sessions, including our Practical Testing Interview Videos, Tips & Best Testing practices from our past LIVE sessions.

    Will Testers Portal cater for all the testing courses?
    Yes, we have dedicated Testers Portals for all the Testing Courses Online.

    How and when do I get access to Testers Portal?
    You have to register and make a payment to gain access to the Testers Portal.

    Do I get unlimited access to Testers Portal?
    Yes. You will get life time access to Testers Portal.

    What happens when I share my credentials to the portal with others?
    Our software tracks login attempts and monitors IP address, please do not share your portal access credentials – your account will be locked.


    Do I have to wait for batches?
    No you could sign up for our Testing Training Courses anytime. You would gain access to Testers Portal and we will setup Testing Projects for you right away.

    How long does it take to complete the Testing Courses?
    It takes 3 months to complete Automation Testing Training. And it takes 6 months to complete Software Testing Internship Training.


    Do you run Software Testing Projects in your Training?
    Yes, refer the course features above for project information catered for various Testing Courses Online.

    Do I need to complete my workshop and testing project in 3 months time frame when I sign up for Automation Testing Course?
    Yes, you would get 3 months (plus 2 weeks buffer time) from the date of enrolment to complete all testing project activities and test automation training.

    Do I need to complete my workshop and testing projects in 6 months time frame when I sign up for Software Tester Course / Software Testing Internship Training?
    Yes, you would get 6 months (plus 4 weeks buffer time) from the date of enrolment to complete 5 testing project activities as part of our Software Testing Internship Training.

    Do you assist in projects outside of training? For example: Academic projects
    No. Testing Projects incorporated in the training activities should suffice. Our Testing projects focuses on Test Preparation, Test Execution & Test Reporting via collaborative effort.

    How do you run Software Testing Projects?
    We will employ Google Drive/Docs for Testing Project tasks, evaluation & collaboration.

    Do I get access to Google docs / drive (Test Project artefacts & Training material) after the Training completion?
    Yes, you can access the artefacts shared for lifetime. However you are NOT allowed to share it with others. This gets flagged, and you will loose access to all the material.


    Can I pay in Instalments?
    Absolutely. You can pay in Instalments via GoCardless, by setting up direct debit with us. Or use PayPal subscription option to pay in instalments too.

    What is the duration for repaying in Instalments?
    You repay in 3 Instalments for all the courses BUT Software Testing Internship Training which is 6 months.

    How do I make a payment for Testing Course or Courses I am interested?
    We use GoCardless & PayPal for payments. You would setup “direct debit” for GoCardless.
    You could use PayPal subscription too.

    What if I cancel my direct debits or payments in the middle of the training?
    Your enrolment shall be terminated and you will loose access to our testers training portal and the testing project material on Google Drive.
    We won’t issue a completion certificate. And refunds would not be issued for prior months as per our refund policy.

    Do you provide cashback when I refer someone for your online testing courses?
    Yes, given that you have already joined our online testing course(s) you would receive 10% Cashback (of the fee you have paid) when they enrol for Software Testing Internship.


    What is your mode of Online Testing Courses delivery?
    Recorded videos, and we shall provide LIVE support if you have any queries via. doubts clearing sessions.

    When can I clear my doubts for Software Tester Course?
    It is based on Mentor’s availability over the weekends – book an appointment with your mentor.
    We would suggest you to revisit the session, doubts clearing recorded sessions and then contact us if your doubts are still unanswered.

    When can I clear my doubts for Test Automation training?
    It is based on Mentor’s availability over the weekends – book an appointment with your mentor.
    We would suggest you to revisit the session, check our training guidelines and then contact us if your doubts are still unanswered.


    How do I communicate with my mentor?
    You can send a WhatsApp message (for Manual Testing Tasks) or an email to [email protected] (for Automation Testing Tasks/Issues)

    When do I get a response?
    We usually respond the same day between 6pm – 8pm on weekdays or 12pm – 6pm on weekends.

    When does my mentor review my project work?
    We review your work between 6pm – 11pm on weekdays in regards to projects.

    Will the mentor start reviewing my work on the day I send a request?
    No. It depends on mentor’s availability. Appointments are booked on “first come – first serve” basis. You have to wait for your turn.

    How long does it normally take to get an appointment?
    It typically takes anywhere between 1 day to 3 days (based on already confirmed appointments). We will try to give you an appointment at the earliest, with the intent of treating everyone fairly. We appreciate your cooperation.


    Do you help in writing CV & with Interview preparation when I enrol for Training?
    Yes, we shall provide a professional CV template and we will assist you in CV preparation and reviewing your CV when you enrol for Software Testing Internship Training.
    However we won’t assist with CV preparation when you join the individual course – Test Automation Training.
    There is a lateral to interviews throughout our Online Testing Courses and we can discuss about your potential interviews / testing job descriptions too.

    Do you provide placement services after Training completion?
    No, we do not provide placement services.
    However, after successful completion of our effective software testing courses online, we are sure you will be able to lay hands on Software Testing jobs and be productive from day one.


    Do you provide Certificate for Training?
    Yes, a completion certificate for all the testing training courses.

    Do you provide Testing experience letter for Training?
    No, however we provide mentor’s reference for Software Testing Internship Training (Software Tester Course) Only.

    Do you provide a certificate when my testing tasks are NOT completed?
    No, we ensure you have completed the project work and tasks as per our workshop standards before issuing a certificate.

    Do you provide a certificate when I am NOT performing as per mentor’s guidelines and workshop standards?
    We would want every student to succeed so we would attempt to help them by providing directions when they are deviating from the expectations aligned to our workshop standards. Based on student’s performance in the first month of the Software Tester Course, factoring in continued monitoring of tasks assigned and review activities, unfortunately we might advice such students to drop out of the course, given that they are not performing as per workshop standards and/or mentor’s guidelines. So, no – we do not issue a certificate in such circumstances.

    Do you send a hard copy of the certificate?
    No, we provide a soft copy of the certificate.

    Can I include training as work experience on my CV or LinkedIn?
    No, since the courses are hands-on workshop/training, should be included under professional training. And students are not employees of Testing eMentor.

    Do you assist in appearing for ISTQB exams?
    No, please read on. Testing Project training is a hands-on and practical training – albeit the syllabus is aligned to ISTQB – the objective of the workshop is to gain hands-on experience with the emphasis on test engineering role and responsibilities – however ISTQB exam is purely theory based, hence we cannot provide support for ISTQB exam questions.
    Having said that, it is very easy to crack the exam after the workshop !