Manual Testing Project Real-time Assignment

As part of the Manual testing training, for Session 11 of the manual testing course you will perform all the test tasks end-to-end in real-time, followed by self evaluation whilst referring to a video that covers assessment performed for about 10 participants (Session 12)

You will be given a testing project assignment – a simple financial project module to work on – along with business requirements and design specification.

You will be asked to perform the following testing tasks in 3.5 hours:

Test Preparation:

Testing Task-1: Identify test scenarios for a business requirement.
Testing Task-2: Prepare one low level test case for a business requirement.

Test Execution:

Testing Task-3: Find bugs in a dynamic buggy web application and record bug titles.
Testing Task-4: Report one of the bugs in detail.

Project will be assessed in real time with the intent of giving constructive feedback, followed by extensive brainstorming.

Interns and traineees who have enrolled start the Manual Testing project assignment.