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We deliver LIVE Software Testing Courses

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We are a passionate Software Testing Training company, specialised in providing top-notch online testing courses. Most importantly, we provide hands-on, project-based Testing Intership and Testing Traineeship in Manual Testing and Test Automation space. Testing eMentor is where you can quickly and effectively learn Software Testing and put that into practice in your Testing Projects.

I found the Software Testing Workshops very very informative. Testing eMentor's mentor comes at it from a very different angle, very analytical and thoughtful, and the training is realistic about what is achievable. I gained a huge amount of confidence in the last three months in spite of being a beginner with no previous IT / Testing knowledge or experience. I think the Testing training material shared on the Google drive for Manual Testing Training & Test Automation Training are superb as it allows us to go back and learn the basics again that is a very big plus as well.

Hounslow, UK

Thanks for a very realistic and challenging classes that you have run with us during Manual Testing Training and Test Automation Training. I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of it. This training has pushed and challenged me to achieve and hope for things that I envisioned myself doing in the near future. Test Automation Training is a very dynamically dedicated course and informative also. Thanks for mentoring me and always giving advice.

Hounslow, UK

My experience has been really good through out the learning phase of Testing Training. As a person with zero or no knowledge of Software Testing, I got a very good insight into the testing basics. The mentor's simpler, methodical and practical way of teaching approach helped me understand much better than just reading a testing book. I can see the mentor has great passion for teaching, knowledge and experience in testing field applied together made the Manual Testing Training wonderful. Also again great experience through out the learning phase of the Test Automation Training. I think the mentor made things easier and understandable for someone like me with no knowledge of Test Automation Tools or any other Testing skills. Keep it going. Thanks so much.


I have gained a valuable insight and knowledge in Software Testing (Manual Testing and Test Automation) through these Testing Workshops. It was good learning experience and as the sessions progressed it became challenging and interesting. Your mentoring approach was very effective and perfectly constructed, especially “hands on” testing, to deliver efficiently.


I enjoyed Manual Testing Training and the Test Automation Training and really liked the structure Testing eMentor have going which is faultless and the entire design is great. Coming from a non IT background the structure is just perfect as it is very easy to understand.


My overall experience with projects based Manual Testing workshop has been eye opening in a lot of ways and has given very good insight into how industry works, to start my career in software testing. I am really impressed the way Testing eMentor has designed the workshop - very systemic, in depth practical approach to learn software testing. Reading material  provided is very helpful and workshop has given me  detailed insight in every stage of software testing lifecycle. During my Workshop, I found the mentor extremely knowledgeable  and given us very good industry examples - making it easier for us to understand the testing concepts. I highly recommend his workshop to anyone who wants to start their career in software testing or change their career into testing to get hands on practical knowledge.

Birmingham, UK

Test Automation course was very relevant to the required skills of automation testing, which will help me in most aspects of work. The course is across multiple tools and everything is broken down into simplified sections. The training was very informative and practical. In other courses handout materials usually shared are just PPTs but in this course the handout material are exceptional which will help throughout my career. Great course a lot to take in. Thank you for such great and brilliant training sessions.

Hounslow, UK

Manual Testing workshop overall was an amazing experience. Training material, assignments and explanation - I believe anyone without IT background can understand and go forward to become software tester. It was wonderful and I'm happy that I joined your online training. Hope and I'm sure will get the same experience with Automation Testing tools workshop as well. Had a similar experience for Test Automation training too.

Glasgow, UK

Very well paced training with genuine interest in Testing Trainees. Interesting and interactive sessions with practical examples on each day of Manual testing training. Training not only covered all theory but also gave enough practical exercises to take away and use in everyday work. Training presentations were well structured and informative. Live project made the testing course significantly more valuable and once again thank you for the constructive feedback on the same. Absolutely wonderful testing workshop, one of best I have attended so far.

Hounslow, UK

My mentor was always willing to help and I appreciate him for not just giving me the answers, but helping me find the answer on my own. He explained the concepts very well and was able to explain in more than one way if we didn’t understand in the right away. He made sessions very interesting. My mentor was very effective in his teaching and giving personal attention. Excellent answers and elaborations to questions with very good communication skills. I would highly recommend him as a Mentor.

WATFORD, United Kingdom

Excellent mentoring. I got real time manual testing project experience, which is amazing. The classes were very informative. As a person from different work experience, the classes gave me a good insight into software testing basics. Very practical information were covered by the mentor. Very interactive and the interview questions were excellent; gained lot of real time experience.

Haringey, UK

A very knowledgeable mentor who will continue to support until one has completely understood both the theory and practical aspects of quality assurance in software, placing prominence on the core concepts of ISTQB model and coupling it with the day-to-day industry practices which vary starkingly in certain areas. A patient and exhaustive mentor who teaches any concept from its grassroots level. If you want to know anything about testing this is the man to go gain that knowledge. I would highly recommend him for beginners or even advanced test professionals looking for a brush up in testing basics. I give my hearty thanks and best wishes to Testing eMentor.

Preston, UK

I had a great Manual Testing Project Training experience over few weeks with full dedication and Great Knowledge from Testing eMentor. Actual hands on to the inside of Software Testing Industry. Very happy with knowledge I've gained, will recommend to anyone who wants to get into the Software testing Industry. Sessions were fully packed with lots of knowledgeable Software testing aspects, mentor explains each and every point in a easy manner so everyone can understand in first go.

Hounslow, UK

I gained lot of confidence after attending all classes. Especially hands-on experience on Manual Testing Project work, learned different testing tools. Thank You Testing eMentor for making a real time Project and I really learned how important it is practicing from real testing world approach.


I really enjoyed the Manual Testing Training. I learned a lot through out the course. Testing eMentor you have been really helpful in the session and after. Your real time examples really helped me to understand all the stages of Testing and the Hands on projects. As being from Non IT field this training is really helpful for me. Looking forward to my Test Automation Training. Thank very much indeed.

Watford, UK

The sessions were very good. I gained a lot of confidence after attending the classes and learned different tools of software testing. I never thought could learn these many tools within a short span of time. I would highly recommend the Testing eMentor's training classes for anyone.

London, UK

I would like to thank Testing eMentor to help me land a job !! And for that all the credit goes to the mentor. I like the way he explains things and makes that easy to understand. Thank you again Testing eMentor.

Leeds, UK

Test Automation Training sessions were very good. I gained a lot of confidence and knowledge after attending the classes and learned different tools of software testing within a short span of time. I thank Testing eMentor for helping me in gaining a lot of knowledge in different tools.


Really, it's been a wonderful journey to learn "Manual Testing training" from you. I'm lucky to have you as a Mentor. I have learned a lot from this training especially from your feedback. As I am new to this field, after pursuing this training I felt very confident. You gave me a great perception about how to find bugs and how to report them effectively. SIMPLY GREAT experience!!

Croydon, UK

Very useful Test Automation workshop, really Testing eMentor have structured and presented in such a way, we can understand easily and practice in a real time project. Really I am unable to believe, in just 7 hours I learnt a new automation tool with every detail and very confident that now I can automate with automation framework. Thanks to Testing eMentor for perfect content and examples; complex topics were compiled and explained very well !

Waltham, UK

Well planned sessions, in-depth overview on Selenium. As always great mentoring, lots of hands on explanation in industrial standards and process in Test automation. Very well spent time gaining months of real experience. This kind off makes the job more interesting to pursue.